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Unlike most restaurants, the front page of our menu changes each and every day. This is because the front page contains all the fresh fish in the restaurant that was just delivered.

Typically, there are a dozen fresh fish choices each day. In the winter, however, when the weather is too severe to permit fishermen to go out, the list will be a bit shorter.

The display at right is a typical offering at Market Broiler. We always encourage our guests to shop the fresh fish list first, because fresh always tastes best.

All fresh fish is carefully mesquite broiled over 100% mesquite charcoal flames to sear in all the natural flavor and juices.

From time to time, as we are able to achieve special purchases, an advantageous price will be offered on the front of our menu featuring a popular seafood item or combination. These are short-term specials and last only as long as the supply is available to us.

In select locations, look for the symbol next to entrees on our restaurant's lunch and dinner menu. Seniors 65 or better will save $1.00 off the regular menu price at lunch and dinner when they order entrees with this sign.

* Menu items vary depending on location

<center>The Front Page</center>
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